Bennu T-shirt winner announced!

31 03 2012

Congratulations Amy!


Peeled snacks winner announced

15 02 2012

Congratulations Christine! We will be contacting you soon!

Buns Up Baby Giveaway Winner Announced.

22 12 2011

The winner for the giveaway is Hope Guerena! Congratulations, dear, and enjoy your cloth diaper! I will be sending you details on the mail.

Please, remember to click the “I did this” button *only* if you have done it. If you do not complete a task I will choose another winner. Hope, you are in luck! The first winner had not completed the task she entered and you came up as a second choice.






My Lil Market Nursing Necklace winner announced!

16 11 2011

Thank you very much to all that took part. This was an exciting new experience for me and I enjoyed hosting this giveaway very much. I especially want to thank Jeemaa for having sponsored my blog, so generous of you!

Beckah Dedrick has won the necklace for her little newborn Ben! Congratulations! So excited for you dear! I hope you two enjoy this beautiful necklace very much! Following the blog was the lucky charm! (hint! hint!) Please, expect an email from me or Jeemaa soon.