My Lil Market Nursing Necklace winner announced!

16 11 2011

Thank you very much to all that took part. This was an exciting new experience for me and I enjoyed hosting this giveaway very much. I especially want to thank Jeemaa for having sponsored my blog, so generous of you!

Beckah Dedrick has won the necklace for her little newborn Ben! Congratulations! So excited for you dear! I hope you two enjoy this beautiful necklace very much! Following the blog was the lucky charm! (hint! hint!) Please, expect an email from me or Jeemaa soon.


Updates: Grovia pail liner

11 11 2011

We still like our Grovia pail liners, still no leaks, but I am not so in love with them anymore. The cord does not flow nicely and it “sticks” to the bag, so we cannot close the liner when we go do laundry.

Quick tip: how to use non-teflon cookware

2 11 2011

Regarding my previous post about the Cuisinart MCP-12 MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel, people are curious about how to use them when cooking and avoid food to stick. The answer is just keep the heat down. Use high heat to warm up the elements but lower down to medium once the pot is hot. As long as you do that your food should be fine. I still don’t know how to do with eggs, though. A friend of mine told me to use cast iron for the eggs, but I have not tried that, have you?

Updates: Grovia bioliners

26 10 2011

Our baby is starting solids, breast milk poop is very water soluble. Solids poop… well, it is not.

I am so happy with the GroVia Bioliners! I liked them before, but I could deal with not using them. Now they are priceless!

Updates: PFOA

14 09 2011

Remember the post about Teflon?

Two 2007 studies in Food Additives and Contaminants analyzed the transference of material from non-stick cookware and containers with non-stick surfaces, such as popcorn bags. One of the studies subjected 26 different pieces of non-stick cookware to 30 minutes of 250 degrees Celsius (~450 Fahrenheit)  and found that no significant dose of materials were transferred. The studies were made to simulate regular use under the worse case scenario.

While I am glad to see these results my question still remains unanswered, what happens through the repeated heating and scratching of these surfaces over years? Does it start degrading or not? If any of you has an answer let me know!