Product review: Diaper pail, safety 1st.

18 08 2011

I get asked quite a bit about how do I deal with the dirty diapers until I am ready to wash them. I use a dry pail system. I must confess that the whole ‘storing dirty diapers until laundry day’ was a little intimidating to me because I was afraid of the smell. Imagine a two days pile of dirty diapers!
We chose to buy Safety First… and so far we have no complains. The pail comes with a deodorant disk in its lid and we add some baking soda between diapers, to control odors. If you walked into our room you would not be able to tell that there are dirty diapers, even with poopy diapers and wipes. As long as the lid is shut, the smells stay inside. It is a little small, it does not hold a three days stash (45 diapers plus the shells) but it would hold a two days load, we just solved that problem by buying a new pail and having one in each changing station.

It is not only great controlling odors but it is also light and easy to use. It has a release mechanism that opens easily and promptly, which is a must when you ar getting rid of soiled diapers and wipes with one hand while holding a wiggly infant with the other.

When we started cloth diapering Ignacio my mom went do laundry and asked me if I wanted to put together the diapers and his clothes. I said no (yuck!) and after she explained that it would be a load saver I insisted that I would rather not to have his dirty diapers thrown together with his clothes. Once she came back from the laundry room she told me “you were right, the diapers smelled!” but none of us could tell until the pail and bag were opened!