When I do use disposable diapers.

11 10 2012

I have blogged several times about cloth diapers and how much I like them. The other day I was on my Facebook account, and this CD company’s mom posted that she hates toddler poop so much that she does use disposables in the time frame that her toddler is going to poop. That was rather disappointing in a way, because you expect that the company owner, or CEO, or what have you will stick to the principle of her company. I thought to myself “hey, I am more hard core than she is!”, but the truth is that there are times when I do use disposables (unscented), just not because of toddler poop.

Ignacio has been using cloth since his umbilical stump fell, at 11 days old. Before that we used disposables, Seventh Generation, to be precise. After that he has been very much in cloth constantly, and his butt lovely and healthy. That is until we started adding solids. There are some foods that will make his bum raw, and you don’t really know until you try them, and then you need to find out how much is too much (an orange a day? after a week he developed sores!). When his butt gets raw I need to use diaper ointment. Lots of it. And if you are familiar with cloth diapers you will know by now that diaper ointment will ruin the cloth and then you will have to strip or otherwise treat your diapers.
I did try for a while to use liners I made myself, but as he kept growing and the rash required *a lot* of ointment this became non practical. Plus the liners ended up in the same pail with the diapers and then the ointment was transferring to the microfleece.  I ended up opting for using disposables at night, when he is going to be in contact with the ointment for about 12 hours, those days that he gets rashes. Now that he is older and his diet is rather well established, he does not get rashes so much because of food, but he gets rabid rashes when he is teething. There is some kind of argument from the doctors’ side that teething should not cause a rash, but many moms will tell you that when the baby is teething, the bum gets red and raw. And my baby does go through that. So those nights, he gets a lot of ointment and a disposable. If his bum looks good in the morning, he goes back to cloth for the day, and then I reevaluate at night if he should sleep in cloth or not.

Add a disposable and remove three levels of cuteness instantly!

Another instance is traveling, especially now that he is older. If I am going to be out of the house for a couple of hours, he uses cloth. If I am going to be out for the day he uses hybrids with disposable inserts. However, because I do not have many shells to use with the hybrid inserts I go to disposables when I am going to be traveling. There is a certain inconvenience about being in a hotel room and having no washer, and I do not look forward to have a wet bag full of poopy diapers in a small room. I know some families stick with the cloth during trips, and I think they are awesome. I have toyed with the idea myself, but here comes the second problem…
My baby is absolutely terrified of changing tables in public restrooms. I think this is because he associates the counter, or the table with the doctor’s office’s bed or table where they measure him and gets shots. He reacts with such a fear that I cannot change his diapers. I have tried doing it in a million different ways, but if his daddy is not there to help me I just cannot control a terrified 22 pounds toddler, and I also do not want to put him through the stress! So I cannot have him in cloth during the many hours that he has sometimes been without a diaper change. Disposable diapers are more absorbent in general and will keep him dry for longer. If I can have an extra hour or two of dry baby, I’ll take it!

So those are the instances in which I do use disposables. It is not often, it is not every day nor every week, but I do from time to time reach for a bunch of diapers that I know will end up in the landfill. The thought of it makes me very uncomfortable, but I think that if we only use disposables seldomly we are doing our part, after all, 17 months down the road we have used cloth almost every day.

And you, do you ever use disposables? If so, when?


Quick Tip: Protect your diapers!

28 11 2011

Whenever you need to use ointment for the baby’s butt and you are using cloth diapers, remember that if the ointment has lanolin or petroleum jelly it will ruin the absorption of the diapers. You can buy ointment especially made for cloth diapers, you can buy cloth liners especially made for this, or you can go for the really cheap solution: Get an old T-shirt that you don’t care about anymore and cut liners to fit your diapers. That way the ointment will get trapped in the liner protecting your cloth diaper.