Cloth wipes, different uses for different brands.

29 09 2011

Using cloth diapers, using cloth wipes felt as the next natural thing, they don’t add much to the laundry, since you just shove them in the diaper pail with the dirty diapers. I already had a recipe for the wipe lotion, now I just needed to find the right wipes. I read a bit about what people liked but being that there are millions of individuals, there are also millions of preferences, I just had to get some and find out for myself what would work best for my baby and I.

I got three very different kind of wipes and I found different uses for each.

Charlie Banana organic cotton wipes.

I love these. They are so super soft! The weave is strong and they are as soft as you can get with cotton. I read some complaints about the labels, but I cannot see how that would be a problem, the labels are large, but they are super soft too, and you can always either cut them or put them aside. I use these for wiping the baby’s bum so I wash them very often, I have not had any fraying in the edges. I got a bunch of these because I found them super cheap in Amazon!

Charlie Banana wipes.

Gro-Via wipes.

These are like little towels, and they are thee softest thing I’ve ever touched towel-wise! I didn’t think this would work for me to keep in a tub with solutions because of how much moisture they would hold, I was afraid they would end up being soaked, so I used them instead to wipe spit up from Ignacio’s face. Because they are so super soft he really likes them (as in he actually smiles each time I wipe his face). They are also used heavily and they are still soft, some of them show a little fraying but not too much.

Gro-Via wipes

Baby Kicks wipes.

These are hemp and cotton, one side is softer, fleece like, the other one is rougher. I am not too crazy about them because they are not super soft, so I did not want to use them to wipe the baby’s bum. However they are very absorbent. I have used them to absorb urine while I am changing diapers (you know, baby boy?) and also as doublers while I was waiting for my doublers to arrive. They look cute with the multicolored edges.

Baby Kicks wipes