Product review: Gro-Via prefolds

15 10 2012

Recently Gro-Via called for people to test a new mystery product. The first 400 people to answer to the Facebook call would be the lucky testers. For a change, I found myself available instead of taking care of the baby or the house, so I could snatch one of these new mystery products!

I was sent a prefold diaper made of a blend of organic cotton and bamboo. Lucky me! Not only I’ve always wanted to try prefolds but I’ve also been itching to try bamboo. My diapers are either Thirsties with the duo system (cotton/hemp+synthetic) or synthetic pockets. So this was lucky indeed! The diaper I received was already prewashed and ready to use, this means I did not have to strip it, but of course I washed it before using it on Ignacio’s skin.

So, what I think about this new prefolds?

When I started the test, Ignacio was 16 months, he turned 17 right before I submitted the answers to Gro-Via, he weights 22 pounds and is a very active toddler.

Gro-Via perfold, as you can see they printed the label so there would not be a scratchy label against the baby’s skin (genius!). You can see the way I folded them in the last photo.

The diaper is on the bulky side, I use my Gro-Via shells with Gro-Via biosoakers and I had to unsnap them to one size larger to fit the prefold. I should add that I used the prefold as a soaker and not as a diaper per se (you can see the different ways of folding it in the Gro-Via webpage) because Ignacio is a heavy wetter. I find they made a bubble butt effect and that there was some space left around the legs of the baby, making it not fit as well as the biosoakers. I used them in as many circumstances I could, day time, nap time, bed time, with different shells, and this is how they performed:

For normal daytime use there were no leaks, this would be up to four hours of use, I used it with both Gro-Via and Thirsties shells and I had no problem, the double leg gussets in Thirsties made the area around the legs fit closer to the baby’s skin (I just love that feature in Thirsties!). Naptime worked just fine too. For night time I had leaking around the waist with Thirsties shells, after 12 hours, but no problem with Gro-Via shells after 10 hours. I guess the prefolds go too wet and moisture wicked up to the waist band with my Thirsties, but it was not a problem with the snugger fit around the waist with Gro-Via.

My baby honored the new prefold by pooping in them right away the first two times we used them, so I was lucky to be able to test how it washes. The prefold laundered very well, I got no stains left behind, and dried as fast as any other natural fiber diaper I have (cotton/hemp). It did stay soft after being washed repeatedly.

We’ve been using these Gro-Via shells since Ignacio was born. He is now 17 months (5 months in this photo) and they still fit. I love how that color looks on him!

As per request of Gro-Via we had to consider what we liked most and less of these new diapers. What I liked the least of it is that the moisture is not wicked away from the baby’s skin and he feels wet, because of this his skin showed irritation after overnight use. I normally put him to sleep in his Thirsties, I do a double cotton/hemp insert and snap a synthetic pad, so his butt is not in touch with as much fluid and they are very absorbent and the same time. I shouldn’t neglect to mention that he is teething and when he teethes his bum skin gets irritated, so I would like to keep trying these after he is done with his… oh, I don’t know… like a hundred teeth coming in at the same time? But I also would like to test these within a pocket diaper that would wick moisture away from his skin and see how that performs.

What I like the best I think is the affordability of these diapers. They come in three packs for $8 to $16 depending on size, so they are a serious easy way of getting started.

As usual, Gro-Via delivers great quality, I am very pleased with this new product. Too bad I have too many diapers as to justify buying more!
Have you ever use prefolds? If so, what do you think of them? Would you be willing to give these Gro-Via ones a try? You can get them for free! Enter the Gro-Via Giveaway and choose which of their new products you would like to win!




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