If you believed in a drug free life, you would smoke marihuana.

24 07 2012

Wait. What!?

OK, so this was not exactly what she told me, but it was the jest of it. A friend and I were having a conversation via Facebook about marihuana with recreational uses being legal or not, about mothers that smoke dope at the end of the day to relax and how it has a more negative press than a glass of wine. She was cool with marihuana, and I am not. I am a super legal person so even if it was not a drug, only because it’s illegal I would have a problem with it. Enters the third person, who felt very attacked by me (I don’t know this person, so nothing I said was personal and nothing I said was disrespectful to anybody) because she does smoke pot. She thought she would be very clever by challenging me to disclose what is in my drug cabinet and my cleaning closet because you know… of course legal drugs are much worse by default than marihuana, to what my father laughed and said “Of all people she calls *you* off!” because, as I told her, she would only find ibuprofen for me and then I make my own cleaning products out of baking soda, tea tree oil, vinegar and Castile soap. So yes, she really didn’t have a point. To what she answered:

Because, of course, that makes a lot of sense.

Now, I think that besides her obvious interest in legalization of marihuana for recreational uses, I think this is an issue rooted in a deeper problem. We tend to see everything natural as good just because Mother Nature gave it to us. Let me remind you that the worse and more toxic poisons known to humans are actually of natural origin (Hemlock, anybody?). Some mushrooms contain alkaloids that will dissolve your liver within 48 hours, snakes can kill you within minutes, spiders can necrotize large areas of tissue and even cause death, and many plants will give you nasty side effects and even cause death if ingested (except grasses, grasses are the only family of plants known not to have toxic members). Furthermore, most drugs are of natural origin, such as marihuana, cocaine, etc.

Cannabis leaf.

I would also like to point out that just because something is of natural origin we should not think of it as ‘not drug’ because by definition a drug is a substance that, when ingested or otherwise incorporated into the body, has a physiological effect on the organism. But because plants carry different substances according to where they have been grown, under what conditions and in what kind of soils, it is oftentimes impossible to know exactly what is going into your body.

Now, I am not saying that we should not look into herbal teas, I actually support the use of herbal teas in replacement of certain pharmacological drugs for minor ailments. However, it is also wise to acknowledge that just because something is natural does not mean it is good and just because it is generated in a lab it is bad by default. The key is balance and informing oneself with reputable sources.



***Corrigendum: The person with which I had this argument informed me that she is not a marihuana user. I deeply apologize for the misunderstanding, I frankly understood from the conversation that she was. It was not my intention to defame her***




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24 07 2012

you should have posted the entire contents of the conversation, where you say marijuana is a gateway drug that will have you becoming a deadbeat if you ever use it. and any evidence where i said i think marijuana is medicinally valuable because it is “natural” – which I never did. natural things can easily kill you – e.g. eating asparagus that was planted in or near an apple grove. marijuana can’t kill you easily, and is useful but illegal. you are clearly not against it _only_ for the reason that it is illegal – are you against same-sex marriage? planting front yard vegetable gardens? copyright infringement? (i see you published my words here without my consent) anyhow the point is you have a preconception against marijuana, that’s fine and you are perfectly allowed to. but just because you think it is distasteful doesn’t mean that others who can benefit from it should be prohibited. especially when other drugs – alcohol, caffeine, etc – are perfectly legal and cause more harm than good. it is distasteful to go around twisting others’ words to suit your own closed-minded ends.

24 07 2012

furthermore, i do not use marijuana. i would lose my job as we have urinalysis drug testing monthly. that doesn’t change my opinion that it is a more useful than harmful substance.

24 07 2012

Again, I understood from the context that you did, this is why I did not mention your name and only posted a small fragment of the conversation. I would not want to have anybody in trouble just because we had a disagreement online.

24 07 2012

Hi Katherine,
I did not post the whole contents of the conversation because a) I understood you did use marihuana given your comment of me thinking you would be more prone to do harder drugs and I wanted to not disclose your identity, and b) I didn’t think it was pertinent to my main point which is the thought of natural drugs being not bad and artificial drugs being bad. That said, I only used that part of the conversation as a starter to the post, because I seriously considered it quite an amusing anecdote.
You did post articles about it not being a gateway drug, you chose those. There are other studies that say it is. I just didn’t feel like arguing with you about this article being better/more reliable than that other one, as I mentioned in the FB thread, I felt uncomfortable about the way you were addressing me and I did not want to continue interacting with you in that way. Articles also differ about the damage it does or not to your brain.
“you are clearly not against it _only_ for the reason that it is illegal – are you against same-sex marriage? planting front yard vegetable gardens? copyright infringement?”
I never claimed that I was against it because it was illegal alone, I am very obviously against drugs in general, but it being illegal is a big point for me. Were it legal I would probably have to respect the right of mothers using it to relax.
I did not twist your words, that is why I posted the snippet, so they would be exactly what you said. I am sorry you think taking something from Facebook is such a great deal, you did publish them (Facebook is not private), I reposted them. I repeat, I thought it was a funny anecdote to start a topic, I am sorry you felt attacked. It was not my intention to make you feel uncomfortable.

24 07 2012

“I am a super legal person so even if it was not a drug, only because it’s illegal I would have a problem with it.”

so that is not claiming you are against it because it is illegal alone?

24 07 2012

No, the “even if it was not a drug” implies that I do have a problem with it because it is a drug. I have been offered an illegal substance before which is not a recreational drug to increase my milk production, the drug is legal in other countries, and I refused just because it was illegal in this country.

24 07 2012

Marijuana is probably more healthy than many prescription drugs on the market today, and with no side affects. Many Americans are addicted to very strong narcotic prescription drugs, if marijuana were legalized, I believe many Americans could get off of the heavily addictive prescription pills.

Great Post!

Best Regards,


26 07 2012

A friend of mine was wounded while he was in the Air Force, and for a while he required higher and higher dosages of morphine and other narcotic pain killers to live even close to a normal life. Eventually the dosages required to control his pain reached near-lethal levels and nearly took his life on a couple of occasions. He became very miserable and negative, thinking he would never have a normal life again because of his dependence on narcotics.

We lost touch after I left college, partially because I moved away and partially because I couldn’t stand to see him self-destruct. We ended up in the same state a few years later and re-connected, and he is off narcotics and smoking marijuana daily to control his pain. He’s able to walk with a cane now, get himself around, go to college, have friendships, go out, and most importantly, live without pain. He would like to transfer to a different college to finish his degree, but the state he would be moving to does not allow medicinal marijuana, and I hate to think he might become dependent on narcotic painkillers again.

I used to be very judgmental about marijuana use and was very against it. Now I sign every petition to legalize it that is put in front of me. There are many other health benefits of juicing raw marijuana and this has been shown to shrink tumors and treat a variety of diseases. I think we owe it to ourselves to legalize it so further medical testing can be done and maybe cures could even be found. But we won’t know until we stop demonizing a plant that isn’t poisonous or even remotely close to deadly. More people die from taking Tylenol than die from smoking marijuana, and marijuana is by most accounts a more effective painkiller.

I say this as someone who has never taken any (illegal) drugs, even marijuana, in my life.

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