Exploring our surroundings: Glacier Ridge Trail

30 06 2012

It had been a while since the last time we went to Moraine State Park, PA, and we wanted to do a test trial to see how well would Ignacio deal with a trip because we have road trip plans for this summer. In the past we had tackled some of the trails and we always wanted to do Glacier Ridge. Of course, it was understood that with a baby, in the temperatures that we’ve been having, we would not do the whole 14 miles, and we settled for a 2 hours hike.

Glacier Ridge is a challenging 14 miles trail, with numerous environments, which is part of the North Country Trail, it also connects with the Jennings Environmental Education Center. Last Saturday was blissfully less hot than the rest of the week had been (and was going to be!) so we lucked out. It is fairly transited, both on land and the lake/river, at least the part we completed. It is also dog friendly.

We enjoyed the really good markings of the trail (blue blazes) and the part we traveled was not too challenging. Unknowingly we started on the Education Center, so it was extremely easy (think flat and manicured) but also there was no protection from the sun since there were no trees. However, it was a very pleasant walk and I loved how the environments were organized in a way that would make it very easy to see what characterizes each ecosystem (lacustrine, pond, woods, etc).

After we were done with it we kept going and entered the real trail (we plan to start from here next time), which was welcomed since we finally got some shade from the tree tops. My favourite spot was the hidden river, which is a shallow and rather slow river with ridges to the sides. I am hoping once Ignacio is older we can go kayaking there, because it is seriously beautiful! We continued some more and when the trail started to get really interesting and more challenging it was time to head back :/ but we really have plans to return!





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