Bacon roses.

27 04 2012

I do eat healthy, I swear I do!! But every once in a while I don’t. And every once in a while I like to do something naughty… as eating bacon.

Actually, this was for my husband. For valentine’s day I thought that the perfect way of telling him “I love you” was by giving him a dozen roses… bacon roses! And because Laura wanted to know how to make them, here is the step by step:

This is the easy way of doing them, I read about this way of doing it in which you have to basically drill your cup cakes pan… and I am not about to do that. SO my lazy and easy way of proceeding was by using aluminium cups and skewers, you will also need bacon, tooth picks, and a tray to receive the grease.

Stuff you will need.

Pierce the cupcake holders with the skewer.

piercing close up

Get one bacon slice and roll it up. Use a tooth pick to hold it in place, then put the ‘rose’ in the cupcake holder.

Roses preparation

I used two skewers to place the roses on top of them, you need the grease to drain, so this was my way of keeping the base of the holders to be in direct contact with the tray.

ready to go in the oven

Then you just pop them in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 350F, keep an eye on them to see if the grease is draining, if not, you can pick the cupcake up a bit and let the grease pass.

Voila! Ready to serve. Take them out of the oven when the bacon looks done, I like it very well done, can’t stand raw meat, but I guess doneness will depend on your taste. Once they are cold, take the tooth pick off of your roses. You can stab a skewer on their base to make a tall bouquet. I chose to display them on a bed of lettuce, so I used half a tooth pick to keep them in place.

Display your bouquet!







2 responses

27 04 2012

Such a great idea — love bacon in this form πŸ™‚

27 04 2012

πŸ™‚ Thank you! I actually saw a bacon roses bouquet being sold for over $80 and I thought I could do it myself!

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