Review and Giveaway: Bennu T-shirt

26 03 2012

One of the things I am always impressed about is when young talent turns into enterprise. This is the case of Bennu, a young environment geared company that was founded by three young graduate students wanting to do something about the huge amount of waste that we produce, especially plastics. Bennu makes promotional products (T-shirts, backpacks), works as a consultant for companies seeking to lower their footprint, and has expanded into social media marketing services, their interest kept on sustainability, they are firm believers that a green lifestyle is possible, and after you read more about them in their web page, you will agree with them!

I was sent a T-shirt to review and organize a giveaway. This T-shirt is 100%recycled: 65% recycled cotton and 35% recycled PET bottles. I have to say that just the idea pf wearing recycled bottles thrills me! This T-shirt would prevent 1/3 pound of agricultural chemicals from being released and it is made in the USA, providing not only jobs but also lowering the Carbon footprint due to less shipping.

T-shirt I was sent to review. Loved it!

I am not going to post a photo of myself wearing the T-shirt because I am no model, so you will just have to trust me when I say that this T-shirt is a lot like a regular good quality T-shirt. I tested it for a couple of months to see how it would react to the wash and wear, and it has not lost the jet black color at all nor the green letters have come out. Also, it has endured the teeth of my baby just fine, not giving into the sharp incisives. Furthermore, I have tested it by going jog, and though it is by no means a performance T-shirt, nor I would expect to behave as a synthetic sports wicking fabric, it did well enough as for me to be all sweaty when I passed by the market after the park jog, and it did not smell bad at all.

You can buy T-shirts and other products at the Bennushop, or you can win an Ocean Aid T-shirt by entering the

Ocean Aid T-shirt for the giveaway. The artist in me loves the way the living beings form the planet!

giveaway on Sensibly Green’s Facebook.




3 responses

26 03 2012
Amy Bailey

I wasn’t sure where to post my comment for the giveaway so I posted it here and the facebook page. I really like that the company has tons of facts about how horrible using water bottle is to our environment. This is a serous issue many people are not paying attention to. Thank you for this giveaway.

26 03 2012
Christine M Tubbytelly

I love the company goals of helping us not take for granted the things we use and discard without thinking. We really need to stop that habit.

27 03 2012
James Semaj

Followed the blog.

I visited the Bennu site and the recycled products are my favorite item because its the way I want to live my life. Too much unnecessary wastage and harm to our environment already!

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