Peeled Snacks: Review and Giveaway

6 02 2012

Variety pack: apple, banana, mango, apricot, pineapple, and cherry. You can win these by entering the giveaway!

Sometimes we just want a snack, something sweet and small… but at the same time we want to keep it healthy and natural. Fruit is many times my snack of choice, and I absolutely love dry fruit! It was great to get to review dry fruit by Peeled Snacks. This dry fruit is organic so if you need a sweet fix, you need not to worry about the effects on you.

I was sent a variety pack containing six different bags, each with a different fruit. The packaging is lovely, attractive and vibrant, very attractive for a visual person like me! and it has a window through which you can see the fruit you are about to eat. I really like how each bag is one serving, so you do not have to be guessing how much you ate, you don’t need to count pieces of fruit and you just can focus on enjoying the fruit you are eating. They were very sweet, especially the tropical varieties, as mango and pineapple, which was perfect for a late afternoon snack when my sweet attack comes around!

Dried apples by Peeled Snacks.

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Buy it! Where? You can buy them in Starbucks in Canada and United States, among other retailers. You don’t live in either country? No worries, they have an online store too!

Or win an Organic Fruit Picks Variety Pack by entering the giveaway by filling the rafflecopter in Sensibly Green’s Facebook!

Mangoes and pineapples were my favourite!




2 responses

7 02 2012
Christine M Tubbytelly

I saw they are now in Starbucks. My husband loves to get a quick drink there.

7 02 2012
Christine M Tubbytelly

I learned they only have one male team member

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