20 01 2012

One of the things I am always concerned about is what I get on my baby’s skin and mouth… and everything ends up in his mouth, so I have to be careful with what I use myself. I do not want to use cosmetics that could harm him in any way, so I was quite excited when EcoLips founder Jen sent me a few samples to try.

Why would I want to use organic lip balm? Well, if you take a look at your regular balm you might find that there are a lot of chemicals on them that can lead to allergies and immunotoxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and also be related to ecological and occupational hazards… yes, this coming from the top cosmetic brands too (oh, and some of them have the word “Naturals” in the name!). So given that I take health quite seriously and I think a developing baby should be protected from as many risks as possible, I have decided that I do not want to kiss his little mouth with a balm that is full of chemicals that I would not want on me in the first place!

Eco Lips makes lip balms that are just want I want! Jen sent me the balms just in time for the dry Pittsburgh winter, for what I am very grateful!

Ecolips are made with ebe wax. For those that rather go vegan they have an option too!

The company:

In the early 90’s Andrea started making lip balms using all natural ingredients, she would then give these balms away as gifts to friends and family. She gave a sample to Steve who, like in a romantic movie, fell in love with the product, then fell in love with Andrea, and encouraged and coached her to build up a company! The company was successful and their sales representative Jim completed the team by helping develop a unique lip balm that would be organic, and sellable.

Eco Lips is successfully growing and still handcrafted! They are also concerned about the environment and besides using organic ingredients they donate 1% of their sales to organizations that take care of it. Besides that they have the “cause balm” which donates $1 of each sale to the cause of choice. I love companies that give back to the community!

My impressions:

Jen sent me a bunch of balms to try, which was incredibly generous from her: Eco Lips Gold, which is an all around balm; Medical, especially formulated for lip sores; two Eco Tints, which are colored; and Orange and Spice, to revitalize and neutralize free radicals. I don’t think I can explain the incredible variety they have, it is truly overwhelming when you look at their catalog and have to choose from it! This means that you will surely find one balm that perfectly matches your needs!

Because my husband is always suffering from dry, breaking lips, especially when he goes run at 6:30 AM in the freezing temperatures of Pittsburgh’s winter, I handed him the Gold and Medical balms. He is really happy with them, so far his lips have stayed hydrated and soft, and he has been using the Gold balm every day. When I gave him the Medical one, he looked at me as if I was giving him poison, but when he started to read the ingredients he said “Oh, it’s all natural!” and was pleased to get to try it. It smells like spearmint really nicely too!

I kept one of the Ecotintand gave the other one to my friend Hope, much younger and modest than I. We both liked these because they have a mild color to them, and this color is given by Iron oxides, which are

All organic and FDA approved!

harmless for you (unlike Lead, for example) and even the darkest colors are attractive and subdued, enough for them to be noticeable but fit a modest type of girl too.

Finally, the Orange and Spice has a delicious smell and taste! You can seriously taste the orange oils! I made the mistake of using it before going to bed and I was tasting and smelling oranges for many hours! 🙂 I still love it during the day, though.

All these are super creamy and rich. Both my husband and I agree that they are creamier than regular balm and that they are really good to keep your lips hydrated.

The giveaway:

Enter the Rafflecopter on Facebook for your chance to wine one (1) Eco Lips Gold Balm with an Ecoclip (100% recycled materials!).

Visit Eco Lips on Facebook today for promotions and great information!

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9 responses

20 01 2012
Amy Bailey

Im guessing you want the comments here because we cant under the form. What I like best about this company is that they seem very honest. While reading their page they didn’t claim anything false like being 100% organic. They explained why. This tells me they are a very honest company 🙂
amymccarty at hotmail dot com

20 01 2012

Yeah, I appreciate the detail on the company page too – plus the flavors sound great!

20 01 2012
Jeni Mitchell

I like that not only is EcoLips organic, they are also vegan. That’s sweet. I wish more companies thought of the animals.

21 01 2012

Like organic thing nd this is look like really organic
I woul love to find some unussual taste as green tea or smtng

21 01 2012
♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡

awesome….I didn’t know that I can buy it at Henry’s Farmers Market out here in SoCal

21 01 2012
Marlene V

I found out that they initiated Iowa’s largest solar power project in 2006.

24 01 2012
Dana Beeman

I love that the products are entirely vegan and listed correctly when it comes to organic labeling.
Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

25 01 2012

I like the fact that they’re gluten free.

27 01 2012
Angela Mitchell

I can’t believe what an in depth website they have. You can really find out whatever you want. They also have a surprisingly large selection of products! I like the idea of their “Cause Balm” program.

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