Quick tip: Cloth diaper trial packs

18 01 2012

Choices, choices, choices....

Sometimes it feels overwhelming, you need to buy 15-20 (or more in my case!) cloth diapers, and it is a big investment. Yes, you do know that with time it will pay off, since in a few months you will cover the price of what disposables would have been for those months and the rest will be just “free” diaper time. But then you consider that you might spend $300+ in a set of pockets that later you won’t like, that are not the quality that you expected, they are too tight, too loose, you wish you would have bought all in ones, or maybe covers and prefolds… what if you loose all that money because then you are not happy with the product you bought? It really, really seems so daunting!

That is why there are many diaper stores that offer trial packs. You can buy a bunch of different diapers and systems that you would like to try, and after you have decided which ones are right for your family you can return those that you don’t want to the store and use the money you spent in store credit to get the diapers you did like. That way you get to try diapers before fully committing to a certain system or brand and you do not lose money.

Make sure you ask your favourite retailer if they do this. They will be happy to help you!




3 responses

19 01 2012
Kelsie Harris

This is a really great idea. I have seen online cloth diaper retailers offer this and I wish I had taken advantage of it when I was just starting out. I am happy with the prefolds and covers that we started out with (and still using them), but I have been adding different types like pockets and AI2’s to our stash and I really prefer them most of the time.

19 01 2012

I wish I would have known before hand too! I would have tried different systems. I needed a cheap alternative, though, since I cannot wash whenever I want and we have the machines 3 times a week. But it would have been great to try!

11 10 2012
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