Review: Nature’s Hand Granola

13 01 2012

French Vanilla and Almonds.

Granola. This is one of the words that I hear all the time as defining of healthy-eating people (and hippies) and with reason. Granola is one of those really good for you foods: it has grains galore, some natural sweeteners and it is just so good! But not all granola is created equal! Some of them have been turned into unhealthy HFCS and trans fats packed foods!

Nature’s Hand has released recently a new granola in six varieties, and I was really happy to get to try two of them! They sent me French Vanilla Almond and Maple Pecan. Nom!

The company:

Nature’s Hand was born from the passion of two people in Minnesota for the flavor of the old world. Being Bavarian immigrants they started to blend and bake their own granola mixes and, as many times happens, friends and family started to show a real interest for their recipe. This is when they started to think of commercialize it and they became locally successful. Years later they decided to retire and transfer the company to new owners that would respect the original recipe and market it to a wider public.

Nature’s Hand aims to make health conscious products and donates more than 10K pounds of granola to local shelters each year! They seriously have my interest!

The review:

I really like the packaging of Nature’s Hand. It is resealable and elegant, with a transparent window that lets you peak inside and see what you are about to eat. Nature’s Hand uses only premium

Wonderful texture, the way they are baked makes the oats cluster just right!

all-natural ingredients, which are full of fiber, protein and antioxidants.  The brand is low in sugar and contains no artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, cholesterol, trans fats or sodium.

These are pleasantly crunchy and tasty. The taste is nicely balanced, I really like how mildly sweet they are and the different flavor that they have to the other brands because of the soy oil and little sesame seeds (a very nice underlying flavor!) They are high in calories, since 1/4 cup gives you 140 calories, but as a healthy food in the middle of a hike in the forest, this is exactly what you need.

I have tried these alone and they are great, with milk for breakfast and I love the flavor they give to the milk, and they are also great with yogurt. Need ideas? Nature’s Hand has a recipes page to inspire you! French Vanilla is sweet and goes great with yogurt and bananas, Maple pecan has a drier smokier flavor, just delicious!

Good morning! Start your day with a nutritive breakfast 🙂




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