Practically green

7 12 2011

Surfing around the web I found this awesome website: Practically Green

It is a website that quizzes you about your every day habits and gives you a grade from 1 to 10 assessing your “greenness”. The questions are oriented to evaluate different areas: energy, water, health and stuff, and your score is tallied for each.

I like it for many reasons. The first one being that it makes you reflect on your life and what could be improved; it also suggests you ways of making better choices, not leaving you with just an unsatisfied feeling of not doing enough but arming you with a practical plan, one that should be possible to follow.

It also would tell you if there are people in your area taking the quiz, their scores, and what have they done to clean their act! Talk about peer pressure! 🙂

You can register for email updates, and every Friday they send you reminders about your plan, plus suggestions on how to lead life better for the environment by making small modifications to your decisions.

Go ahead, take the quiz! I am sure you will find a lot of things that take just a little tweaking that you can do to start a better and greener 2012!




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