Little Miss Co-op, together is cheaper!

5 11 2011

We all like a good discount on things we want to buy, and especially when we feel that eco-friendly items can be so expensive because green is so fashionable!  Some weeks ago I was referred by my friend Naomi to Little Miss Coop, a Facebook cooperative that focuses on parents and babies. This was so sweet and generous of her!

Larissa started this coop after a bad experience with another coop which did not work hard for customer satisfaction, and this is what she keeps in mind all the while when working while her Little Miss naps. I see her commenting, communicating with the moms about the products, if there will be delays she is swift to tell, she answers questions and keeps a really amiable mood around the coop. She chose Facebook because she felt it was an easy way for many people to access it, you just have to “like” her page and voila! you are ready to take part in the coops.

Did I mention that she caters mainly to eco-parents? This is because Larissa herself is an eco-mom, and she works hard to keep the prices low to encourage other people to become interested in following that route. How does she achieve this? She contacts sellers and gets a deal for quantities, therefore something that would be $15 ends up being $9 if she gets 25 people to order. Once she reaches the minimum amount of people needed she would inform of that product being closed in so many hours to give time for other people to order if they so want. She then charges a small fee for her work and ships you the items.

I have seen cloth diapers, nursing necklaces, teething rings, etc. I am now waiting for some really cute leg warmers ($2 each pair!) that I can’t wait to put on my baby. So, if you are interested in some good deals, head over to Facebook and find Little Miss Co-op there.


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