Matthew Languille Charlie Banana Blackbeary! (Holy names, Batman!)

18 10 2011

Cloth diapers are not only awesome for the environment and your wallet, they are super cute too! The CD industry has done it right, using fun colors and prints, but now they are going a step further releasing designer diapers. Charlie Banana has released a new line by designer Matthew Languille and they are throwing giveaways like crazy. I was lucky enough as to win one diaper of this new collection and I want to tell you all about it! But it will have to wait, because having a teething baby does not leave me with much time, especially since he has not been sleeping much lately.

However, in the meanwhile I will show you what I mean by “super cute”!

Guess what diaper mommy chose for me?

The BlackBeary! Because I loooove pandas!

The BlackBearys are quirky and fun. Yay, she made me matching leg warmers!

Ping is my best friend (Thank you auntie Suzie!), we hang around a lot. And now I can look like him! ❤

Fun in black and white.




3 responses

26 10 2011
Lolli S

What a cute diaper on an adorable baby!

26 10 2011

:3 thank you!

11 10 2012
When I do use disposable diapers. « Sensibly Green

[…] I do use disposable diapers. 11 10 2012 I have blogged several times about cloth diapers and how much I like them. The other day I was on my Facebook account, and this CD […]

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