Farmers Market Cooperative of East Liberty

26 08 2011

Open since the 1940’s all year round, the Farmers Market Cooperative of East Liberty operates on Saturday mornings from 5 AM to noon, on 344 N Sheridan, across the Home Depot parking lot. It is an indoor market, so they can be there during winter too. I love that they are open in the morning, while most markets open in the afternoon, but don’t go in at 5 AM if you want to find all the vendors, nor after 10 if you want to find enough produce; the best time to go is around 7 to 9 AM.

Farmers Market Cooperative of East Liberty

I don’t think I can recommend this market enough. There is a wide variety of fresh produce and a meat stand, of course, plus a stand with Amish crafts and home made goodies. Products form India, bread, and a coffee stand (Yes, so early in the morning it would make sense!) established two years ago but recently expanded. And that is only one of the things that the owners (the farmers, since it is a coop) implemented for people to be comfortable. There is also a bike rack and a parking lot for you to leave your vehicle of choice. And the coop is always looking for sustainable¬† products to sell that benefit the producers, as olive oil from California or coffee beans from Jamaica. Of course, being opened all year round, some of the produce will not be local, but if you ask you will be told in all honesty what is local and what was brought from where.

If you want any of the great specialty meats that they carry you should be wise in placing an order before hand. The lambs, rabbit and other specialties are limited and they might be gone if you just show up to get some. Instead, place an order by Thursday and pick up on Saturday. At the meat stand I learned the difference between Canadian bacon and “our” bacon, because all the vendors are so nice! They all took a moment to chat with me and were very friendly. It was a bit crowded, so the stroller might not have been the best idea, next time I will bring Ignacio in the carrier instead.

My favourite? Infused honeys! Never heard of them, and I have to admit that I was reluctant of rosemary-garlic honey, but it was so good! Also, different kinds of hummus (hummuses, hummi?) to try! So here is a thought, if heading for a party this Saturday, why not pass by the market and bring hummus and infused honey to the host?




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