Home made baby wipe solution.

24 08 2011

Yesterday Hope, our office manager, called me to let me know that we had a package. I got very excited because it was our Aloe vera juice! Oh, by the way, I do not drink Aloe vera juice, but I use it to make my baby’s wipe lotion.

Changing table, complete with pump bottle and wet wipes contaier. This was before Ignacio arrived, so I did not know which system I’d like best.

See, I have heard once and again the story of how when I was a little baby I never got diaper rash except that one time my mom used commercial pre-moistened wipes. And both my husband and I have very reactive skin, so it really is a matter of probabilities that Ignacio’s skin will react strongly to things. So I started to look into making my own wipes. I bought cotton wipes (also non disposable and environmentally friendly!) and bought me some ingredients. I made a mixture of a recipe given in Diaper Pin and one that my friend Hanna makes.

It works really well. It smells great (lavender!) and has kept Ignacio’s bum clean and rash free. Plus I know exactly what goes into it and have not to worry about any unwanted chemicals. Once I prepare the solution I place the wipes in an empty tub (I use one that used to have disposable wipes) and add a generous amount of solution to it. Then I turn the wipe stacks upside down and add some more solution. They stay moist for a long time (think couple of weeks). You might get some deposits as some components can precipitate over time, but this is not a problem.

I know Hanna uses her solution in a pump bottle. I tried this but I found it easier to have the wipes pre-moistened for whenever I needed them. I keep the remaining solution in a soda 1L bottle until I need to prepare more wipes. If I don’t use it soon enough (two-three weeks) the oil might oxidize, but I just wash the bottle with hot water and clean out the old solution.

My recipe:

2 cups hot water

1/4 cup aloe juice (the cheapest one, I will not drink it after all)

1 tablespoon mild soap (Dr. Bronner)

2-6 drops tea tree oil

Oh, and there is no reason why you should not use this on yourself too! I did, and it was the only thing that wouldn’t burn like crazy when the skin around my belly broke into a wild rash in my 9th month of pregnancy!




4 responses

24 08 2011
Hope Guerena

This is so neat! My parents used to make homemade wipes, but they would take paper towels and cut the roll in half. They found that it fit in the normal sized round wipe containers…

24 08 2011

I heard of that too! I actually spent all of $20 in cotton wipes and hope to use them for subsequent babies too! 🙂

2 10 2011
Lolli S

Thanks for the wipes solution recipe! When my hubby and I switch to cloth wipes, I will keep this recipe in mind!

3 10 2011

You are welcome! I hope you can use it soon! 🙂

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