Bloomfield Farmers Market.

15 08 2011

Since I was in the early stages of my pregnancy I was not able to exercise because of medical reasons. That was a bummer, since I was so ready to run a 5K being pregnant (yes, Pittsburgh zoo, I had my eyes on you!). That would have been so cool! Nearly 12 months later I still feel quite out of shape but finally I’m hitting the road and walking as much as I can, and to keep myself from routinely walking the same streets over and again, I decided to hit some of the numerous Pittsburgh’s farmers markets.

In the heart of Bloomfield, Thursday afternoons.

Two weeks ago I needed to go to the post office and since the office is in Bloomfield I took the opportunity to visit the Thursday’s market and introduce Ignacio to the greatness of buying local.

The Bloomfield Farmer’s Market meets on Thursday from 3:30 to 7:30 PM at Cedarsville and Friendship Ave. Across the street from the Groceria Italiana, a block from the heart of Bloomfield. The offer is quite diverse, there are pieroguies and kettle corn being made in front of you (and smelling so good!), a stand with herbs, several stands with produce, some organic, some not, there are flowers being sold, bread and pastries.

The produce looked great, some of the zucchini was about as long as my forearm! and the same for the eggplants, they looked great to make some yummy eggplant Parmesan! Because I am weak for cool stuff I bought some red okra, I had never seen red okra before! So I got some for my husband, who’s Cajun and has not had some real okra in a few years (it scored me some gumbo, yay!). Do you want peppers? They have them, all kinds. Fruit? Delicious! The peaches were just perfect.

But the bread! Oh, so good looking and delicious! The bread was something to consider, and at the same price that you would buy a sad and much smaller loaf at the

Look at the red okra, behind the green okra! And all those colorful tomatoes! By far my favourite display in the market.

supermarket. I did not get to try the sweet baked goods… I

am trying to go back in shape here! 😉

I might start to schedule my post office runs on Thursdays to take advantage of the market. And if you see me around Pittsburgh, with the baby on me, you know, I might be reviewing the next farmer’s market.




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15 08 2011

Oh! I didn’t know about this farmer’s market! I’ve always gone to the one in East Liberty!

16 08 2011

I will be blogging about the East Liberty one soon too! 🙂

20 08 2011

El sábado pasado estuve en el mercado local de Kingston, y había muchas frutas finas de estación que me encantan: frutillas, frambuesas, arándanos. Tenían una pinta! Pero desgraciadamente valían el doble o el triple que en el supermercado! Todo bien con la producción local, pero no estamos hablando de unos centavos de diferencia. Al final me quedé con las ganas y no compré nada.

20 08 2011

Si, es cierto, uno tambien tiene que hacer lo quepuede dentro de la realidad. Pero aca veo que la diferencia de precio no es tanta y el producto es increible. A veces encontras el mismo precio! Ademas tambien esta el componente de darte un gusto, y cuando encontras cosas especiales, no es mala idea comprarselas 🙂

11 01 2013
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