The importance of being local.

4 08 2011

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Taking a break from diaper posts I would like to talk a bit about an easy way to reduce your footprint, and this is to buy local. Because then you are reducing the shipping distance, therefore the gas used in getting the product to you is less. As a bonus you are encouraging the local economy providing the people in your community with money and encouraging the local businesses to remain active, which will in turn give you more local options. This will also lead to more jobs and this will bring more money that will be spent in your area. It has been suggested that spending a minimum of $50 per month in your local community will keep the economy going, that is really not too much to ask for!

There is the erroneous misconception that buying local will be more expensive, but that is not my experience. Shopping local has been average to cheaper than buying from supermarkets. In certain cases you might even get better quality for your buck! And this is true especially for produce. For example, if you buy strawberries that have been collected 50 miles away from your home, they are probably much fresher than strawberries coming from another state and of course another country! Making them more tasty and much better to eat! When produce has been collected at their prime (instead than under ripe) the nutrients load will be better, this will have a positive impact in your health.

I have known people that buy nothing that is not local. Kudos to them! I still will buy some things I need if it they come from another place and I find no local option. But if I am faced with two options for, let’s say, ice cream, one local and one from another state, I will buy the local one. I like to keep my community productive and healthy and I also like to know that what I am eating is fresher.

A good way to eat local is to visit farmer’s markets, or subscribe to a CSA, shop in your local market and support merchants that receive produce from local farmers . Stay tuned, I will comment on these in future posts!




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