Product review: GroVia Bioliners

21 07 2011

GroVia bioliners

After posting about the money considerations of cloth diapering, I was planning to post a second entry about health and environment, but the liners got so much attention that I thought I would skip to the product review section instead and leave the other entry for next week. I guess people want to avoid touching stools as much as possible, and I don’t blame them, I am amongst them!
I use GroVia liners. They come in a roll of 200 units, they are flushable and biodegradable. The way to use them is to take one liner and place it in the inside of your cloth diaper (against baby’s bum), they will capture the solids.

I started using them as soon as I started Ignacio on cloth diapers, but the fact is that his stool was too runny and it would go straight through the liner. I tried them for some days and then did not see the point of using them. I remember my mom also commenting on how useless these liners were. But then Ignacio grew and turned 1 month and his stool turned thicker and more consistent (sorry if I am grossing you out, but this is a diapering entry after all!), then I went back to the liners and was very satisfied with them. I really like how they work, they simplify my life a lot. When the baby poops I just bring the diaper to the bathroom and take the liner, contents and all, and flush it down the toilet, which is really useful, because it saves me from trying to dislodge the mess from a cloth diaper with toilet paper.
At the moment that I bought them I chose those because they were the best price out there. There were no other factors, I had no idea of their quality compared to other brands, but I am very happy with them. They are strong and stay put when you have to take them out and flush them, which is essential, the fibers allow moisture to pass by but they do not weaken at all.  I would very much buy them again and I recommend them!

Have you tried a different brand of liner? What are your thoughts on it?




3 responses

21 07 2011

I just bought these – can’t wait to try them!

21 07 2011

Awesome! I hope they work for you as well as for me. They really make the whole experience more pleasant 🙂

26 10 2011

We have some Rearz brand that I haven’t used yet. I must have got them on sale before baby was born. Honestly, until recently Max only pooped once a week so I didn’t see the point of using them. Now he goes every other day so maybe I’ll give the liners a try and let you know.

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