Cloth Diapering 1: The money factor.

18 07 2011

It should be no surprise that being concerned about the environment we have decided using cloth diapers. If you are planning to go the cloth diaper route don’t expect “hurrahs” from people around you, you’ll get puzzled looks, because some time, between the 50’s and today, disposables went from being a luxury to being perceived as an inherent right, a “must have” instead of an option. But there are many reasons for which you might want to rethink diapers and try cloth.

Besides the environment factor, there are financial and health reasons why I rather using cloth diapers. And cloth diapers are so cute!! 🙂 Let me introduce you to the first part of my cloth diapers entry, or “the money factor”.

I challenge you to make a rainbow with disposables! 🙂

Sure, the price per unit might not seem high, but it adds up really fast. My baby, Ignacio, hates to be wet or dirty, so I change about 12-15 diapers a day. That is about 400 diaper changes per month! If I consider an average price of 25 cents per diaper (from a range between $0.2 and $0.3 for store brand or name brand) that would put us above $100 per month (13x30x0.25). The initial cost of your cloth diapers should be covered in the first 5 to 6 months of your baby’s life. Is there anything else that we would pay that kind of money for something you use once and then trash? Using cloth diapers will save about $1500-2500 in average by the time your child is out of diapers (assuming a child being potty trained at 2.5 years, one full year younger than the average in the United States!)
Even if you had to pay for laundry, as I have to (since we have no washing machine in our rented apartment), washing one load of diapers three times a week would be an extra $324 per year. Still cheaper than disposables. And the cost diminishes even more if you think that you can use the same diapers for your next children!

One question I get asked a lot is: “But, the poop!? What do you do with the poop!?” The answer is simple: “You clean it, the same way that our grandmothers did”. If  your baby is exclusively breast fed, then I hear that you do not even have to do that, you just put the whole thing in the washing machine, mess and all! For those of us that cannot do that, today you can use biodegradable liners, which I do, that are set inside the diaper and then you remove the solid waste with them and flush them in the toilet. This makes my life so much easier! Besides, a little known fact, you also are supposed to remove the solids out of the disposables before trashing them!

So, even putting all health and environmental reasons aside, financially, cloth diapering makes so much sense! And those extra $1500-2500 that I saved? Well, I would like to go on vacation with my husband and son! 🙂




4 responses

21 07 2011

Great post Coty! Looking forward to trying this out!

1 08 2011
Penguin's Palette

I have decided to cloth diaper and I cannot wait! I wish I would have done it with my first! Now I am off to read part two!

1 08 2011

Cool! We are having a good experience with cloth diapering, it really is not hard. If I could do it right after a C-section and caring for a newborn you can too!

11 10 2012
When I do use disposable diapers. « Sensibly Green

[…] 11 10 2012 I have blogged several times about cloth diapers and how much I like them. The other day I was on my Facebook account, and this CD company’s mom posted that she hates […]

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