Product Review: Cuisinart MCP-12 MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel

15 07 2011

Regarding my previous post about getting rid of the teflon cookware, my husband took it up to himself to do the research to choose a good cookware set. My only requirement was that it could not be cast iron nor too heavy, since I will be the one doing the cooking and washing once life goes back on track after baby!

There are several options out there, including cast iron (too heavy for me!), porcelain or glass coated pots and pans, stainless steel… but the price factor was also very important for us, since we cannot afford luxury items. Upon reading several reviews and opinions he decided to get the Cuisinart MCP-12 MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel 12 pieces set.

The set has two saucepans, two skillets, a saute pan, a stockpot and a steamer insert and it is really good. It has a steel construction with aluminium core, which spreads the heat evenly (and boy they heat up!), and a mirror finish interior, which makes the cleaning easy. Furthermore, since they are all metal, with no plastic or wooden parts, you can also use them in the oven! which was a great solution the day we had all our oven trays dirty.
So far we have not had any issues with sticking, except with eggs. This is why when hubby said that he had found the right set and he was going to trash all the Teflon things I exclaimed “Please, keep one pan for eggs and one for pancakes!!” knowing from past experience how much eggs stick to metal. He did try to make a Spanish tortilla (not the Mexican type) in a lot of oil upon suggestion of his mother, but even though the eggs did not stick, it was too much oil and I felt a little on the sick side afterward. If you have no problems with greasy foods, this should not be a problem for you!
They were not cheap ($200-300 depending on the set) but we were in search of a set that we could keep for many years to come. And they are the cheapest of the good quality multilayered sets.

They cook great and heat up evenly.
They have no Teflon and no toxic nor potentially toxic problems.
You can use it in the oven!
They are the cheapest set of their kind, but they outcompete the fancy more pricey brands in quality.
The handles have an ergonomic design that makes it easier to manipulate them.

They are heavier than the Teflon ones, but nothing I cannot handle myself.
Eggs will stick except you use a lot of oil. I have not tried cooking pancakes yet.
They are pricey if you are in search of a cheap solution.

Bottom line: Yes, recommended! They are great! (But keep the pancake skillet!)




2 responses

15 07 2011

I love my stainless Lagostina set. Except for eggs and pancakes which is what cast iron is for. You should really get at least one pan, they are heavy but work so much better for that sort of thing. I still have one evil teflon pan because I need something to do crepes and tortillas in. I still haven’t found a pan that I can afford, that’s nonstick and I can rotate around without breaking my wrist!

15 07 2011

Yes, I normally do crepes more than pancakes, so I kept the two small pans. I imagine that if we reduce teflon as much as we can we are going yo be better off anyway 🙂

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