Product review: To-Go Ware Stainless Lunch Box.

7 07 2011

Given that we are concerned about our BPA intake  and sometimes we just do not have time to wait for the food to cool down before going to work, my husband wanted to try a stainless steel lunch box. Since he has been taking such a good care of me as I was in bed rest during the last months of pregnancy, taking care of *all* the chores around the house, I wanted to say thank you getting him something he wanted. So I got the 2-tier To-go Ware lunch box.

To-Go Ware 2 Tier Stainless Steel Food CarrierLet me tell you this, I have not tried it personally, but he loves it. The lunch box features two tiers in which you can put different meals and a small sauce container. The tiers snap securely with four clamps and it is very light, so it really does not add much weight to his back pack when he is off to work.
Now, the food does not keep warm, so he has to warm it up when he is ready for lunch. He does this by putting his meal on a plate and into the microwave, since metal cannot go in the microwave, which he would do anyway because he wants to avoid the BPA and other leaching from the plastic containers.
So far he has not had problems with leaking. He once thought that there was some moisture on the outside, but he is not sure that it was not condensation since the food was cold from the fridge when he put it in the lunch box. In any case, he always wraps the lunch box in a bag before putting it in his back pack so any potential leaking should be contained. He has not had any trouble ever since. He has not tried the small sauce container either. He is not into dressings.

I got this one from Amazon, they also have 3-tiered ones, but he wanted the 2-tiered box. The starting price in Amazon is $20.

They are light
Environmentally friendly
Have no Teflon or plastic byproducts

Potential minor leaking.

Bottom line: Recommended!




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