Being Green.

2 05 2011

I have always been interested in doing my part for the world and the environment. When I was a student I did my best but I felt it was not possible to be as much of an environmentally friendly consumer as I wanted because of the time required and I thought it was expensive. Now the time factor might have been true when I barely had time to prepare myself some food (Grad school does that to you!) but how wrong I was on the price conception!
Being green is easy and cheap, and once you organize yourself it is really not time consuming at all!

When I finally graduated and moved in with my husband (we were living in different states) we started to take small steps to become more responsible consumers and we have cleaned our house very much, but we still have a long ways to go in our lifetime.

So, what is my philosophy about being green? I do the best I can in this moment. There is so much to do that can be overwhelming! But if we take it a little step at a time we can get a lot of things at the end. The key is not to try to do everything together at risk of feeling that the burden is so much that you would want to give up, but to do what is possible in your current situation. The key is to always keep trying!

Let me share with you my little advances and the ideas I have picked up along the way, and also expect reviews of products that I have tried.




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